TV news has too much time on its hands

Your children may be doing drugs in their ears and you don’t even know it.

Yeah I can’t seem to muster the proper level of feigned outrage over iDosing. The concept is you listen to sounds or music and they’re supposed to duplicate the effects of drugs. As usual, to 11 o’clock news will play it’s “ARE YOUR CHILDREN DOING THINGS YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT THAT ARE DANGEROUS AND WE’LL TELL YOU ABOUT 30 MINUTES AFTER THE HOUR” freakout and this will be blown out of proportion.

I’m just thrilled teens have an alternative to choking each other to get high.

Oh what the hell, this gives me the opportunity to throw in one of my favorite bad news videos to start your day.

It comes complete with random exploding vans, terrible dramatic music, anonymous sources and hyperbole all around


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