White House information? There’s an app for that

Surfing through the iTunes Store I stumbled on the recently released application from the White House detailing all of the things the Obama Administration is doing and all those great things about openness and joy.

But enough of that, I’m more easily entertained by the random 1-star reviews. Some random quotes:

“Do they repent the socialist agenda? No information about that”

“Plenty of flash but no real substance. Although it’s free we will be paying a high price for years to come. Slow response time, when downloading, must be someone else’s fault. Offers lots of ‘promise’ but are mere platitudes.”

“Horrible app, glad we are wasting more money on something besides what’s actually wrong with this country.”

“Hasn’t this administration spent enough on useless shenanigans?” (bonus points for getting the s-word in)

And finally I have saved the most eloquent one for last:

“Obama is a douche.”


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