Random application recommendation

As much as I love using WordPress to write to this blog, it can be a hassle trying to log into the system, make everything work beautifully and put in a post. Sometimes I’m away from an Internet connection (yes, that’s still quite possible nowadays) and the inspiration hits me for a post.

I’ve been looking for awhile to see if WordPress would come out with a desktop client to allow me to write posts without going online. I pretty much gave up hope on that idea. WordPress came up with a program for the iPhone which works pretty well for my personal blogs, but as of this post, our version of the software hates it.

Then I found Blogo, which I’m writing this post on at the moment. It’s a nice, lightweight application for the Mac which can post to all sorts of blogging software, including WordPress and Twitter. It can be installed on up to three computers, though one drawback for me at work is the fact it only works on Mac OS 10.4 and above. Alas, my 10.3.9 machine again confounds me. It’s not free, but $25 seems reasonable for something as well executed as this program is. I wish it would skip lines between paragraphs on its own.

I’m definitely a fan of what I call the “Shut up, computer” mode where all you see if your post and a few text editing options.


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