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Fire sales

The third-generation salesman is TNT’s liaison to groups from northern Sacramento County all the way to Oroville. He spends his Fourth of July holidays on the road, making sure everything is running smoothly through a large swath of the Sacramento Valley.

The man behind the puppet

his documentary explores the roots of Kevin Clash and his passion for puppeteering that was born out of his Baltimore childhood.

Forget The Cabin the Woods; try this vacation home instead

Through a series of unfortunate coincidences, the two friends are hunted by a group of preppy, horror-film-victim caricatures who channel their fear into a series of painful, mostly unintentional deaths.

Find life’s random milestones

Versaries app Keeping track of birthdays is what a calendar is for. Keeping track of random numbers and numerical coincidences is what Versaries is for. The 99-cent iPhone app keeps track of the years, days and even seconds of your life with a steampunk feel. Add in when you started dating your significant other, and…
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March rat-ness

I never saw myself as a rat person, until my girlfriend brought home a snail. I certainly didn’t see myself spending a weekend watching basketball with a trio of rodents. Lacey, the ever-caring animal lover that she is, couldn’t stand to let a snail, whose shell she pulled off trying to move it out of harm’s way, suffer.…
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Green desktop geekery

N64 controller desk caddy Some people put pictures of their family on their desks. Some people have cute calendars. Some people have reminders of days destroying their thumbs playing Super Smash Bros. or Mario Kart 64. Etsy user GreenCub encapsulates those agonizing memories in a green way by turning broken Nintendo 64 controllers into handy desk caddies. Instead…
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