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Text Of FCC’s Proposed Rules: ‘Protecting And Promoting The Open Internet’

The FCC has a long document about its efforts to change the way Internet providers can handle traffic. I’ll have a post later about how these rules will affect users, but for now I’ve chopped out the most relevant portion of it and placed it here in a more reader-friendly format.

Facebook Algorithm Change Hurting News Sites’ Organic Reach

It would appear their change promoted news stories a little too heavily last week. A change was made Monday afternoon that dialed that back, but to a degree that caused the opposite of what Facebook originally intended.

Cable and Internet bundling: It’s Comcastic!

Comcast ¬†announced it believes it’s stemming the tide in cable-cutters today, saying it lost its fewest customers in the past 5 years. In the company’s mind, it’s clearly winning the battle against people ditching its cable service. What Comcast fails to mention though, is that through a combination of bundling and its stranglehold on the…
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Thanks for nothing AT&T

July 11, 2008. The date this tangled web of fun with AT&T begins. After waiting a few hours outside of an AT&T store, I finally got my hands on an iPhone 3G. I had purposely avoided the first one of a few reasons including the whole “college to a real job” transition and contract¬†hullabaloo. But…
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