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Text Of FCC’s Proposed Rules: ‘Protecting And Promoting The Open Internet’

The FCC has a long document about its efforts to change the way Internet providers can handle traffic. I’ll have a post later about how these rules will affect users, but for now I’ve chopped out the most relevant portion of it and placed it here in a more reader-friendly format.

DVD Review: Parade’s End

“They could not have picked a worse person to review this.” Those were the reassuring and entirely accurate words from my girlfriend after finishing Parade’s End. I’m the guy who has managed to fall asleep during Downton Abbey, Pride and Prejudice, and some third British period piece that’s making me drowsy just thinking about it. And the beginning…
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Final Fantasy All The Bravest: The cash grab to end all cash grabs

Final Fantasy: All The Bravest is the most asinine cash grab I have ever seen.

Fire sales

The third-generation salesman is TNT’s liaison to groups from northern Sacramento County all the way to Oroville. He spends his Fourth of July holidays on the road, making sure everything is running smoothly through a large swath of the Sacramento Valley.

The man behind the puppet

his documentary explores the roots of Kevin Clash and his passion for puppeteering that was born out of his Baltimore childhood.

Forget The Cabin the Woods; try this vacation home instead

Through a series of unfortunate coincidences, the two friends are hunted by a group of preppy, horror-film-victim caricatures who channel their fear into a series of painful, mostly unintentional deaths.

Find life’s random milestones

Versaries app Keeping track of birthdays is what a calendar is for. Keeping track of random numbers and numerical coincidences is what Versaries is for. The 99-cent iPhone app keeps track of the years, days and even seconds of your life with a steampunk feel. Add in when you started dating your significant other, and…
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March rat-ness

I never saw myself as a rat person, until my girlfriend brought home a snail. I certainly didn’t see myself spending a weekend watching basketball with a trio of rodents. Lacey, the ever-caring animal lover that she is, couldn’t stand to let a snail, whose shell she pulled off trying to move it out of harm’s way, suffer.…
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Cable and Internet bundling: It’s Comcastic!

Comcast  announced it believes it’s stemming the tide in cable-cutters today, saying it lost its fewest customers in the past 5 years. In the company’s mind, it’s clearly winning the battle against people ditching its cable service. What Comcast fails to mention though, is that through a combination of bundling and its stranglehold on the…
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Thanks for nothing AT&T

July 11, 2008. The date this tangled web of fun with AT&T begins. After waiting a few hours outside of an AT&T store, I finally got my hands on an iPhone 3G. I had purposely avoided the first one of a few reasons including the whole “college to a real job” transition and contract hullabaloo. But…
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