World’s Biggest PAC-MAN will eat your day away

300 million pellets eaten

3.3 million ghosts eaten

13,000 mazes all linked together.

An Australian agency called Soap Creative has assembled the largest time-suck you’ll encounter at work. Using HTML5, the company has devised a massive game of Pac-Man. Visitors to the site can create their own Pac-Man mazes to add to the chaos. The best part? All 13,000+ mazes are linked together. So instead of wandering off the right side of the screen and magically ending up on the left side of the same maze, you’ll migrate to the maze next door.

It was designed for the new Internet Explorer 9, but unlike previous versions, that doesn’t mean it won’t work other browsers. It works fine in Safari and Chrome.

I still don’t understand why Cisco killed the Flip camcorder

“Cisco kills Flip Camcorder”

I read that headline Tuesday and wondered who forgot April Fool’s Day was long over. Flip is a huge brand for consumer camcorders and by some estimations was kicking the crap out of Sony and Kodak.

But there it was, clear as day. Last holiday’s top selling camcorder would be dissolved in the next few months in a reorganization.

Cisco says it’s trying to regain its focus and ditch extraneous brands. I can understand reorganizing to focus harder on tasks. I redesigned my desk the other day so I can design pages standing up instead of sitting in my chair to help me focus and be less lazy. But I didn’t ditch the Your Turn section on a whim. (In fact, there’s a big change coming to that page in a couple of weeks)

Why didn’t Cisco sell it off? To hold onto patents. I realize there’s a massive Cold War over patents where companies are aligning them like nukes against their competition. But to kill a productive brand like creates a level of cognitive dissonance that makes my head spin. Or maybe it’s just all the standing.

New Zealand lawmakers hit a new low

There’s low, there’s lower and then there’s what New Zealand did.

Lawmakers took advantage of provisions under an emergency order after February’s massive earthquake in Christchurch to ram through controversial three strikes legislation.

It’s not the fun kind of three strikes that California has, which puts repeat felons in prison for life. No, this one doesn’t require an actual conviction. If a content provider accuses you three times of downloading copyrighted content without their permission, your ISP is required to cut off your access to the Internet, no questions asked. In a real world equivalent I picked up from Tom Merritt of Tech News Today, it’s like someone taking your license plate number, reporting it to the DMV three times for speeding with no proof and your license being pulled based on those accusations.

The fact that this had to be slipped through under a state of emergency should show just how smarmy this legislation truly is.

Microsoft getting Angry Birds while Angry Birds gets unity

Microsoft announced part of its next mobile operating system called Mango. It’s promising a few things that have been in other operating systems, like background processing where apps can run simultaneously.

Of course the biggest news for Microsoft on the mobile front is Angry Birds is finally coming to the operating system. Why is this big news? It’s the fulfillment of Microsoft’s “promise” (read:assumption) at the release of Windows Phone 7 System Phone 7 Phone Phone Windows when it said Angry Birds was on its way to the operating system – without informing the developer.

Since I’m already talking Angry Birds, a message on the Rovio Twitter feed revealed the prospect of score syncing between versions of the game. You can carry your stars between your iPhone, iPad,  Mac and perhaps beyond. Could it possibly have something to do with startup company FTW who is promising the same thing for developers? Stay tuned

I hope Final Cut Pro X lets me keep my razor blades

Just in time for me to dust of Final Cut Express and get familiar with it again, Apple announces at the National Association of Broadcasters trade show a new version of Final Cut Pro where it promises to revamp the interface. Part of me is hoping for a more user-friendly experience, but part of me would be disappointed in big changes now that I’ve mastered the art of using a razor blade to chop video. Then again, the $299 price tag for a piece of software you couldn’t find for under $999 until now is enough to sate me for awhile.

Full-size, fully functioning AT-AT — this needs to happen

A Star Wars fan is trying to get support to build a full-size, fully-functioning AT-AT in Oklahoma City. I loved the idea of a Robocop statue for Detroit, but I love this even more. I worry though that once Oklahoma gets the AT-AT, it will roll through football rivals Texas and Nebraska, leaving Kansas as an unfortunate victim as the giant mechanical beast stomps through fields with a Husker bloodlust.

Despite that risk, you should visit the page and see how you can help. The Sierra Nevadas should keep us safe.

How to remove Facebook apps you don’t use anymore

I spend so much time banning random Facebook applications from my news feed that I forget how many there are.

I’m not kidding. This is my current block list:

There/Their/They’re Test, (Lil) Green Patch, Fish Isle, Café World, FarmVille, My Christmas Tree, Fish Life, Birthday Cards, Kidnap!, iHearts, Happy Pets, Holiday Drinks, Hallmark Social Calendar, Mafia Wars Game, NinjaTrick, YoVille, Collect Hearts, Causes, Restaurant City, Happy Island, Farm Town, Movies, Zoo World, Yearbook, @Hearts, MyCalendar, PetVille, MyCalendar 2010, Social City, Treasure Isle, FishVille, Castle Age, Pot Farm, Drinks On Me, FrontierVille, Kingdoms of Camelot, The Yes/No Game, 21 questions, CityVille, Christmas Cards!, Treasure Madness, (Lil) Farm Life, FarmVille, Who was i, in my past life ?, What Mythological creature are you?, My City Life, Commit to Vote Challenge.

These are all applications that at some point I have either received requests from or used. I’m sure your list of blocked applications isn’t anywhere near that long. But the list of applications you’ve used that have access to your personal information is probably at least that long.

Facebook has slowly eroded any sense of privacy you may have on its site. The privacy controls are a garbled mess of confusing links that even if you set the settings right, Facebook can come in one day and blow them up.

But for now, here’s how to remove Facebook applications you don’t use anymore

Step 1: Find the account tab at the top right of the page (assuming you’ve signed in already) and choose “privacy settings”

Step 2: Look for the little part at the bottom of the page that says “Apps and Websites”

Step 3: Click on the Edit Settings button

Step 4: Remove the applications you don’t use anymore by clicking the X and consider tweaking the access settings on applications you plan to continue using.

$40 PS3 orders canceled, no charges

As could have been predicted, I won’t be getting a PlayStation 3 for $40. Per an e-mail from Amazon I just received:

We are contacting you regarding your order #002-0251899-0886633 from the Target store at We recently became aware of mismatched price and product information which resulted in the discontinued Sony PS3 Hardware System and the PlayStation 3 Move Advanced Shooter Grip being displayed incorrectly.

We are sorry, but we are unable to offer you either of these items at this time and have canceled your order.  Your credit card was not charged.

How you could have found a PS3 for $40

I read the results of a reader survey for the Appeal-Democrat last week and noticed a few people pointed out our need for more proofreaders because of typos, etc.

I can safely say the Appeal-Democrat hasn’t screwed up as badly as Target did Sunday.

On both its website and its store on, Target listed a PlayStation 3 for $39.99. That’s not a typo by me, but it may have been a typo by Target. The PlayStation 3 retails for $299 and $399

Alert readers on one of my favorite websites on the Internet, Reddit, seized on this opportunity and catalogued the carnage.

User BeerDrinkingRobot put the $40 PS3 in his cart, but when the order confirmation arrived, he saw it became a PlayStation 3 Move Advanced Shooter Grip.

Being the enterprising seeker of knowledge I am with $40 in my pocket, I placed an order for it on Amazon. Mine did not change to a shooter grip, but instead stayed as a PlayStation 3.

I contacted Amazon support and was informed they don’t know what they will do about the orders placed. Or in Amrita’s words:

“Despite our best efforts, a small number of the items in our catalog may be mispriced. If an item’s correct price is higher than our stated price, we will, at our discretion, either contact you for instructions before shipping or cancel your order and notify you of such cancellation. For PS3 game, we are still investigating the issue and if any change happens, we’ll let you know.”