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World’s Biggest PAC-MAN will eat your day away

300 million pellets eaten 3.3 million ghosts eaten 13,000 mazes all linked together. An Australian agency called Soap Creative has assembled the largest time-suck you’ll encounter at work. Using HTML5, the company has devised a massive game of Pac-Man. Visitors to the site can create their own Pac-Man mazes to add to the chaos. The…
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I still don’t understand why Cisco killed the Flip camcorder

“Cisco kills Flip Camcorder.” I read that headline Tuesday and wondered who forgot April Fool’s Day was long over.

New Zealand lawmakers hit a new low

Lawmakers took advantage of provisions under an emergency order after February’s massive earthquake in Christchurch to ram through controversial three strikes legislation.

Microsoft getting Angry Birds while Angry Birds gets unity

Of course the biggest news for Microsoft on the mobile front is Angry Birds is finally coming to the operating system.

I hope Final Cut Pro X lets me keep my razor blades

Just in time for me to dust of Final Cut Express and get familiar with it again, Apple announces at the National Association of Broadcasters trade show a new version of Final Cut Pro where it promises to revamp the interface. Part of me is hoping for a more user-friendly experience, but part of me would…
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Full-size, fully functioning AT-AT — this needs to happen

A Star Wars fan is trying to get support to build a full-size, fully-functioning AT-AT in Oklahoma City. I loved the idea of a Robocop statue for Detroit, but I love this even more. I worry though that once Oklahoma gets the AT-AT, it will roll through football rivals Texas and Nebraska, leaving Kansas as…
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Hulu may be ad king, but I’ll be using Netflix

Hulu is the ad king of March. Naw really? You mean the company who charges a monthly fee to watch most of its library and still crams ads into it is getting the most eyeballs on its ads? I’ll still stick with Netflix.

How to remove Facebook apps you don’t use anymore

I spend so much time banning random Facebook applications from my news feed that I forget how many there are. I’m not kidding. This is my current block list: There/Their/They’re Test, (Lil) Green Patch, Fish Isle, Café World, FarmVille, My Christmas Tree, Fish Life, Birthday Cards, Kidnap!, iHearts, Happy Pets, Holiday Drinks, Hallmark Social Calendar,…
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$40 PS3 orders canceled, no charges

As could have been predicted, I won’t be getting a PlayStation 3 for $40. Per an e-mail from Amazon I just received: We are contacting you regarding your order #002-0251899-0886633 from the Target store at We recently became aware of mismatched price and product information which resulted in the discontinued Sony PS3 Hardware System…
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How you could have found a PS3 for $40

I read the results of a reader survey for the Appeal-Democrat last week and noticed a few people pointed out our need for more proofreaders because of typos, etc. I can safely say the Appeal-Democrat hasn’t screwed up as badly as Target did Sunday. On both its website and its store on, Target listed…
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