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Four more years bad for U.S.

What do you call someone responsible for the deaths of more than 1,000 Americans and hundreds of thousands of civilians? Ready for impeachment. If we can nail a president for lying about having his pickle tickled, then this should be a cinch. Former Texas Rangers owner George W. Bush has at least three strikes against…
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Hobbit skeleton a metaphor for life

Last year, we discovered midgets. As a culture, we have gotten to be so amazing at piecing together how things should be that we can look at a skeleton and define a person’s lifestyle. I guess this makes us equal-opportunity morons. Homo florsiensis was, according to scientists, about three feet tall, weighed 55 pounds and…
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Wal-Mart making a monopoly

On Oct. 20, a preventable tragedy happened in Stockton. The same fate is destined for Hemet in Southern California. Chico may be next. Wal-Mart opened a Supercenter. It’s not your regular economy-sucking chain, but the super-sized version. Some of you may be wondering, why is this such a tragedy? After all, Wal-Mart gives us rolled-back…
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Daylight-saving takes a toll on sleepy time

I hate Benjamin Franklin. Sure, “Poor Richard’s Almanac” is great and when he turns green he’s worth $100, but he’s made my life hell, and moved 2 a.m. from the spring to the fall, next to another 2 a.m. Good ol’ Ben came up with this silly thing called daylight-saving time. It means we get…
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Public schools need help

I have spent my entire life in the California public education system. Please save your apologies. I’ve heard enough from my professors and from my high school teachers. It’s the same old story: “It’s not your fault you suck, but we’re going to make you better.” While my education was being sewn back together, there…
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