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Facebook Algorithm Change Hurting News Sites’ Organic Reach

It would appear their change promoted news stories a little too heavily last week. A change was made Monday afternoon that dialed that back, but to a degree that caused the opposite of what Facebook originally intended.

DVD Review: Parade’s End

“They could not have picked a worse person to review this.” Those were the reassuring and entirely accurate words from my girlfriend after finishing Parade’s End. I’m the guy who has managed to fall asleep during Downton Abbey, Pride and Prejudice, and some third British period piece that’s making me drowsy just thinking about it. And the beginning…
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Final Fantasy All The Bravest: The cash grab to end all cash grabs

Final Fantasy: All The Bravest is the most asinine cash grab I have ever seen.

One weed

Triple circle

Colorful wall

Ready to pounce

Buzzing in

Count the legs