Month: May 2014

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Why Is The Internet In Danger And How Can I Help Keep It From Turning To Crap?

The Federal Communications Commission has essentially thrown its hands in the air and is asking for public input for how to solve the open internet/net neutrality/Internet fast lane debate. The unfortunate thing is how little people know and understand about this very important issue for how the Internet should work. RELATED: Text of FCC’S proposed rules First a…
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Text Of FCC’s Proposed Rules: ‘Protecting And Promoting The Open Internet’

The FCC has a long document about its efforts to change the way Internet providers can handle traffic. I’ll have a post later about how these rules will affect users, but for now I’ve chopped out the most relevant portion of it and placed it here in a more reader-friendly format.

And now, yet another site redesign

I wish I’d taken screenshots over the years of how many times I’ve redone this site. Then again, that’s a longer slideshow than I’d have time to deal with. But this is a big transition for me. I’ve self-hosted and patched things together on my own through for the better part of a decade now. I…
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