Month: June 2010

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iCan haz iPhone? Yep

A funny thing happens when you wait in line forever and eventually get your phone. You end up too tired to remember to write about it. So what you missed at the end of Thursday’s drama was me finally getting my phone after 16 hours. Waaaaay too long to wait for anything. And as my…
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iStill don’t have an iPhone

Well I thought I had the right idea when I started my search for an iPhone. I got word late Wednesday night that the Walmart in Marysville would have iPhones in stock starting at 8 am. After waiting around until 3 am, I found out from one of the managers that even though I was…
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iDon’t have an iPhone 4

Well I thought I was going to have a scoop today on Walmart having the iPhone at midnight tonight, but I just called and found out it won’t be in until at least June 29. I also called the Best Buy in Chico and was told if you didnt preorder between 9 a.m. and 11…
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Apple releases iOS 4.0

Just a heads-up in case you haven’t checked already: Apple has released iOS 4.0 for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The download is free for iPhone and iPod Touch users, since Apple changed its accounting practices last year. As much fun as slogging through the financial minutia of Sarbanes-Oxley is, I’m going to wait for…
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If a fire breaks out in the woods, how is your data?

It’s summertime in the Mid-Valley and that means one thing: It’s only a matter of time before a massive fire breaks out. Granted 2010 probably won’t be the same smoke monster 2008 was, but the danger is still there. Now, you might be asking yourself, why am I reading about fire season in a freaking…
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Apple moves 10.6.4 update and iTunes 9.2

In advance of the iPhone 4 release next Thursday and iOS 4.0’s coming out party this Friday, Apple’s moved two important updates. On my machine the combined size weighs in at 437MB. It’s important to note that the 10.6.4 update includes Safari 5, so be aware of this if you’re thinking about updating. I haven’t…
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June 2010 Appeal-Democrat pages

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