Month: January 2010

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AT&T doing the impossible? There’s an updated app for that

A few months ago AT&T introduced an app for the iPhone to mark trouble spots for data and send the information back to the telecom provider. The first question I had was how could you send data to mark where there is no data, where there is no data. Where most people’s eyes would glaze…
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One extra click, $150,000 gone

Double click on desktop folders and they open. Single click on Internet links and they open. Double click on the wrong button in stock trading software, your algorithm stifles Wall Street and your bank is out $150,000.

Up, up, down down, etc. Palm Pre rooted

The Konami code is everywhere, even in the Palm Pre. No 30 lives though. You’re still stuck with the just the one you have.

Background so deep, the photographer is in the dark

I haven’t heard many stories about people whose lives get flipped around so quickly by literally being in the background of a project, but here’s one on the photographer who shot the background image for the iPad and didn’t know it.

Rule 34: There is porn of it, no exceptions.

There are many amazing things on the Internet to learn to do and to play with. Then there’s the dark side which I will simply describe by saying “Once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it.” Random searches online can find all sorts of unsettling images that’ll poison your mind for years to come. No…
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The iPad: We’ve only just begun

So the hype and bluster of another Apple event overshadowed it once again. Let’s all take a step back to reality and realize what we have. It’s a larger iPod Touch As has been fairly obvious from the get-go and even moreso with hindsight, this is a device that fills the gap between the iPhone…
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iPad prediction results

Alright, I let my predictions loose at 11 p.m. last night and haven’t changed them since, so let’s see how badly I failed: 1) There will be a tablet. Yes, I got this one right, it was a no-brainer. 2) It will run on iPhone OS 3.2, which will be announced tomorrow and made available…
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My predictions for tomorrow’s Apple event

I like to be last second with these things as you probably noticed last year with my Macworld Keynote predictions. Since I bombed on those pretty badly, there’s plenty of room for me to go up with this one. 1) There will be a tablet. 2) It will run on iPhone OS 3.2, which will…
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Facebook scam alert: Don’t join that group so quickly

Get a free $50 iTunes gift card. Join this group. Get a free Mac Book Air. Join this group. After getting a couple of these messages on my Facebook account, I did some digging and found out the root of this problem. The invite will take you to the group’s homepage. Contrary to what it…
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White House information? There’s an app for that

Surfing through the iTunes Store I stumbled on the recently released application from the White House detailing all of the things the Obama Administration is doing and all those great things about openness and joy. But enough of that, I’m more easily entertained by the random 1-star reviews. Some random quotes: “Do they repent the…
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