Month: February 2009

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Hearst bringing electronic reader to market sometime?

According to Fortune, Hearst Corp. has its eyes on launching an e-reader as a substitute for its print products. This could either be the greatest idea ever hatched or it could go down in flames miserably. The Fortune article compares the mystery device, which Hearst is expected to unveil later this year, to Amazon’s Kindle.…
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Random application recommendation

As much as I love using WordPress to write to this blog, it can be a hassle trying to log into the system, make everything work beautifully and put in a post. Sometimes I’m away from an Internet connection (yes, that’s still quite possible nowadays) and the inspiration hits me for a post. I’ve been…
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Podcast of the Week: Security Now

This week I’m recommending something to help you feel a little more secure on the Internet. From the plethora of podcasts Leo Laporte hosts and helps produce comes “Security Now.” Laporte and co-host Steve Gibson take a look at the latest creepy-crawlies on the Internet waiting to infect your machine. Of course they don’t have…
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Arrrr mateys, it be rough seas for the recording industry

Normally the Swedish courts don’t fall into my scope of things to follow in my life, but when someone rents a city bus for people to come in and watch, decides to provide their own audio stream of the trial and schedules a “HUGE PARTY” in the middle of it all, I’m watching. All of…
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Facebook declines ownership of Appeal-Democrat

Social media site Facebook has rolled back its new terms of service after many complaints from members of its community. Some of you may ask, “Now what could get people in a tizzy about some little agreement?” How about declaring they own anything you post? Or in so many words: “You hereby grant Facebook an…
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Podcast of the Week: Mac OS Ken

A new feature I’m adding to the blog is a Podcast of the Week section. The first recommendation I’m going to make is a show that essentially personifies what a podcast is and how grassroots it can be. Mac OS Ken is a daily show which brings news about Apple, the Mac and the iPhone…
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Real Mario Kart

Mario Kart fans rejoice in this real-life recreation from the Nintendo 64 version. Other than the fact they used the star sound effects while he was using a golden mushroom, it’s very entertaining.

Free? And save money? Yowza!

In these troubling economic times it’s always nice to find a way to save a few cents here and there. A new app coming down the pipe soon for the iPhone and iPod Touch will help you do just that. Yowza plans to offer deals and coupons downloadable and scannable (two words after I write…
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Bill Gates unleashes mosquito swarm at conference

Valleywag is reporting that Bill Gates did something straight out of an Onion story at the TED conference (short for technology, entertainment and design) when he unleashed a swarm of mosquitoes to make a point about his foundation’s efforts to combat malaria. As quoted from a Facebook manager’s Twitter post, Gates said: “Not only poor…
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February 2009 Appeal-Democrat pages

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