Month: January 2009

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Circuit City is hiring. No, really they are…

A quick check of Circuit City’s site shows they’re looking for workers right now. An e-mail I received last night says they’re up to 20 percent off digital cameras and 40 percent off car audio.

The Quick Review: iWeb ‘09

Two days, two apps. I’m on fire. Not literally though, so don’t send the fire department. iWeb ‘09 is the third incarnation of Apple’s simple Web site software and to be honest, not a lot has changed since the first time I used it in version 1. Sure there are more themes available, but they’re…
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Something to commemorate today

Enjoy that red and blue poster of Obama with the word “Hope” underneath it? Why not create your own? Paste Magazine teamed up with the creator of that portrait, Shepard Fairey, to let users use that same effect on their own pictures. Try it out yourself today. It even has Facebook integration. Unfortunately for me…
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A little inauguration flair

YouTube has a surprise on its homepage for anyone interested today in the form of inauguration speeches from various presidents courtesy of C-SPAN. If you read this after Jan. 20, then just go to the channel page here.

And now more on the DTV switch

We’re a month and a day away from the digital television transition and we have an FCC commissioner freaked out about the changeover. His letter is quite enlightening, especially the third paragraph where Robert McDowell shows off how long it’s been since he’s called fore tech support.

Watch with your eyes, not your ears

YouTube unleashed a little surprise on viewers by muting the audio from videos with audio which has received a takedown notice for copyright infringement. Fans of Seal will be disappointed to hear the song “Kiss From a Rose” has been muted in a video which has received more than 6 million views. Fans of Batman…
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Remember that whole coupon thing I mentioned earlier?

The digital TV transition has hit a little bump in the road. At least for anyone trying to get a coupon for a converter box. The program to get $40 toward a box to receive digital TV signals through an analog connection has run out of funds (or as it’s gently put on the site…
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Scrabulous? Nah, it’s Lexulous now

The saga of the scrabble clone on Facebook has finally ended…for now? I only leave a question mark because the story has been an oddity since Scrabulous was launched. After that, Hasbro decided to sue, Scrabulous was reimagined, then disappeared, then took on a whole other feel while Hasbro’s version came and never really took…
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I have returned, but there will be more

Alas they needed me back here for my day job in the Yuba-Sutter area, but the Macworld writing will still go on. I have a huge stack of demos and paperwork to go through and iWork is FINALLY downloading properly for me. iTunes is being much more cooperative, which is to be expected when it’s…
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iTunes update + iWork trial

My downloads have been running for about a half an hour now in terms of downloading my music, however I believe this is because of the fact I squeezed in my purchase just before the link was removed from the homepage. The pictures have come back on the page, but the link has not returned.…
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